B-BBEE: The QSE Codes of Good Practice

The strategic intentions of the Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) Codes of Good Practice are to drive growth of small Black owned enterprises, drive local manufacturing and processing, encourage job creation and accelerate representation of Black women and youth in economic activities. The key objective is to be pro-active instead of re-active and place B-BBEE as a working imperative within each organisation.


There have been significant changes made in the new Codes of Good Practice; the new QSE scorecard is tough but much simpler than the Generic Scorecard:


  • All 5 elements will be need to be measured by the entity
  • Sub-race groups do NOT apply
  • There are no bonus points in the scorecard
  • Process for Black QSE’s simplified with no costs involved
  • Empowering supplier replaces Value Adding status
  • The discounting principle applies
  • The Discounting principle does apply as follows:
  • For Ownership you will need to score 40% of Net Value points;
  • For Skills Development you will need to score 40% of the total points; and
  • For Enterprise & Supplier Development you will need to score 40% of each of the 3 sub categories
  • QSE’s will need to company with Ownership as Mandatory and then choose between either Skills Development or Enterprise & Supplier Development



The QSE Scorecard


Ownership 25 points
Management Control 15 points
Skills  Development 25 points
Supplier & Enterprise Development 30 points
Socio-Economic Development 5 points
TOTAL 100 points



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Sources: Government Gazette No 38766; SAB&T Articles  http://www.sabtbee.co.za/blog/

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