B-BBEE: Understanding the Challenge

HRS Group provides consulting services to all industries and any sized companies in all provinces, where we actively implement B-BBEE within your organisation to ensure that you achieve a good rating.  Our services are tailored towards assisting your company on an on-going basis to manage all aspects pertaining to the process of B-BBEE. 

We have concluded numerous successful and sustainable B-BBEE transactions and based on our practical experience, we have developed a unique methodology to assist our clients to conclude a sustainable BBBEE transaction. 

With primary focus on the construction of a sustainable B-BBEE transaction, our B-BBEE offering comprises of the following:

  • Assessment of Vendor Company
  • BBBEE Partner Sourcing
  • Introduction of B-BBEE Partner
  • Negotiating of Deal
  • Deal Structure
  • Financial / Funding Structure
  • Sourcing of Capital Funding
  • Finalisation of Deal
  • Post BBBEE Deal